We do buy guitars as well as sell gutiars.

We will gladly look at your guitar and determine if we would like to buy your guitar.

If we cannot buy your guitar, it is still very likely we could list it online and set up a consignment guitar sale

Do you want to sell a guitar or an amp or some piece of equipment?

1. Do I buy equipment?
2. Can you sell my equipment for me?
3. How long does it take to sell a piece of equipment online?
4. How do you determine a price for an instrument?


1. Yes, I do buy guitars and I buy equipment, if it is something I feel I need and can sell fairly quickly.

2. I do offer consignment sales.  I sell equipment on the Internet through eBay and Reverb.com, plus I also sell equipment in the store as well.  I can generally get you more money through consignment sales then by just buying your equipment.

3. I've had some items sell in a matter of just a few hours, while some have taken weeks or months to sell.

4. Instrument and equipment prices are generally determined by looking through completed sales on eBay or Reverb.com.  That research at least provides a starting point.  Buyers on eBay and on Reverb.com are allowed to submit offers on most items listed.  Sometimes those offers are the ultimate method for determining a price (what is someone willing to pay for it?).

Looking for someone to buy your guitar?

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