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Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop screen breakage is a common occurrence.  The thought of replacing the screen can be just too much for most people.  Having done this job numerous times, I can say it is now a routine job. 

Step One

Step One is to plug a monitor in to the VGA socket and verify the laptop still is capable of rendering an image onto a screen.  If the laptop cannot display an image onto the screen, it is possible the motherboard is also damaged.

Step Two

Step Two is to open the screen id and find the model number of the screen.  Using this model number will result in a higher likelihood of obtaining the correct replacement screen.  In some cases, opening the screen lid is very easy.  In other instances, the entire laptop case must be disassembled in order to remove the screen.  It's just a part of the job.

Step Three

Step Three is to test the screen, prior to final re-assemby.  From experience, I have learned it is best to verify all cables are properly connected before re-assembling the laptop.

Step Four

Step Four is to re-assemble, make sure all the screws are put back in place, and everything looks as it should.  The touchpad and keyboard need to be checked, the wireless network card should work, and a thorough check of the laptop is in order.