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Laptop DC/Charger Jack Repair

Laptop charger jacks are another commonly required repair.  These jacks can become damaged in any number of ways.  I have had customers come in and tell me the family dog ran by the laptop and caught the charger cord, pulling the jack and damaging it.  It is also possible to pick up the laptop, unaware the charger is plugged in, and damage the jack.  Whatever the cause, the results are usually the same, the charger fails to charge the battery.

There are two basic types of jacks:

One, the jack is soldered to the motherboard.  This type of jack requires the removal of the motherboard, and then the removal of the jack from the motherboard.  This type of jack is usually soldered with lead-free solder, which will sometimes take as long as an hour or more to remove.  Installing the new jack is then relatively easy.  Once installed, it is best to plug in the battery and verify the charger light on the motherboard lights up.  In the worst cases, the contacts on the jack (where it is soldered to the motherboard) may have been damaged beyond repair.  In most cases, this is a successful job.

Two, the jack is part of a harness, which is connected to the motherboard by a plug and a socket.  In the best cases, all that is wrong is the jack has been knocked loose from its mounting point.  All that is required here is to open the bottom part of the case and test the charger socket.  If it still works, the socket is glued into place with epoxy and a clamp is applied.  Once the epoxy is cured, the case is re-assembled.