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Laptop Repairs

Lyons Computers can perform many different laptop repairs, including cosmetic repair, hard drive replacement, hinge repair or replacement, LCD screen replacement, charger socket repair or replacement and system restore. 

Many small cracks can be repaired using epoxy and clamping force.  it all just depends upon the severity of the damage.  In some cases, a replacement case, usually a used case, can be found and all the components can be transferred to the used case.

Laptop hard drive replacement starts at $175.00, including parts and labor.  Price will vary with the capacity of the hard drive.

Laptop screen replacement USUALLY runs $160.00 plus tax, including parts and labor.  To ensure the right screen is ordered, it is necessary to remove the current screen and find the model number of the screen itself.  Most screens can be ordered from a in-state vendor .

Depending upon availability of replacement parts, sometimes broken or cracked cases or screen lids can be replaced.

Lyons Computers carries a number of replacement laptop chargers for $25.00 each.  Please call us, and bring in your laptop to make sure the charger fits and charges the system.

We have factory restore CDs or DVDs for many different manufacturers, so we are able to provide a stable operating system restore.  Call us today for help with your broken laptop.

Call for an appointment, and please be sure to bring your charger with the laptop. 940-691-1727